About SOIOP-Society for Old Ivory and Ohme Porcelains



The Society for Old Ivory and Ohme Porcelains (SOIOP) is an organization of collectors and dealers who admire and collect Old Ivory and Ohme Porcelains.

The purpose of the Society is for the members to share information and educate themselves and the public about the history and beauty of these porcelains, promote the collecting of Old Ivory and Hermann Ohme porcelains, and to develop communications between those who collect these porcelain items.

The Society is always searching for more information regarding the Ohme factory and the wares it produced. Please Contact Us if you have any information such as where these porcelains were imported and sold. If you know of any catalogs or advertisements depicting Ohme porcelains, we would be interested in that too.

Ohme porcelain pieces