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New Cups—Shapes and Sizes

May 15, 2016 by Jeffrey S. Habib, SOIOP member

Przemyslaw Piatek, our SOIOP member from Krakow, Poland, specializes in Ohme cups and saucers.

Przemek gave a fascinating presentation at the SOIOP 2016 convention of his exploring Europe for new finds for his collection.

Just one of the entertaining convention sessions!

Curved legs

This cup has very unusual curved legs that meet and form a base for the cup.

Although not marked, we know from another tea set in this mold that this is an Ohme piece. In the tea set the tea pot, creamer, and sugar also had similar curved legs.

The saucer has "heart" embossments that match those on the cup.

An imaginative design!

ohme curved legs cup and saucerohme curved legs cupohme curved legs saucer detailohme curved legs cup detail

Straight lines handled cup

A cup with a clean, flaring body and a handle with parallel, straight line elements that anticipates Art Deco design (disclaimer - not an art expert!).

ohme parallel handle cup and saucerohme parallel handle cup and saucer marks

Embossed flared cup

This cup also has a flaring body, but the body is also elegantly embossed.

The embossing on the cup and saucer reminds me of the Ohme Acanthus mold shape - perhaps this is an Acanthus variant?

ohme embossed flared cup 1ohme embossed flared cup 1 markohme embossed flared cup saucerohme embossed flared second cup and saucer

Fluted cup and saucer

A heavily fluted cup and saucer.

The flutes extend along straight lines and are not "swirled" as they are in the more well known Ohme "L" mold.

I probably would not have thought of this as an Ohme cup and saucer if I had seen them in an antique store...

...the lesson—always turn them over!

ohme heavily fluted cup and saucerohme heavily fluted cup and saucer marks

A more elegant fluted cup and saucer

Another fluted cup and saucer with the flutes extending along straight lines-but with a more elegant design.

The handle has spaced apart ridges, similar to the handles of cups in Ohme's Panier mold.

ohme elegant fluted cup and saucerohme elegant fluted cup and saucer marks

Straight rib cup

A classically shaped cup with what appears to be a slight flare at the top of the cup and a reduced diameter base at the bottom.

Light, straight ribs look to be formed on the outside of the cup.

ohme straight ridge cupohme straight ridge cup mark

Small base cup

Another clean, flaring cup with a reduced diameter base.

Painted in the blue onion pattern but without the SAXE mark - so Ohme painted or not?

ohme small base cupohme small base cup mark

Classically shaped cup

A cup with classic body and handle shapes, and a relatively deep saucer.

ohme classically shaped cup and saucerohme classically shaped cup and saucer mark

Cup with metal lattice decoration

This cup is decorated with an unusual and graceful metal (probably silver) lattice, and is paired with a like-painted Eglantine saucer.

The cup has an interesting base being shaped as a rounded six-point star.

ohme cup with metal latticeohme cup with metal lattice 2ohme cup with metal lattice mark

B6 cup

The B6 cup was thought to have an unusual "upside down" handle as shown in the first image.

But as the next two examples show, the handle was broken!

What I really like is the embossed leaf and swirl embossing, and the points on the saucer reflecting the points on the top of the cup.

ohme B6 cup referenceohme B6 cup and saucerohme B6 cup and saucer marksohme B6 cupohme B6 saucer

B20 cup

The B20 cup and saucer is ornately embossed.

The painting on this cup and saucer emphasize the art nouveau botanical motif of the design.

The cup handle looks like a folded-over plant stem, consistent with the botanical motif.

ohme B20 cup referenceohme B20 cup and saucerohme B20 cup and saucer markohme B20 saucer

B45 cup

The B45 cup, with its unusual shape, heavy and ornate handle, and intriguing embossment, is a "what the..." cup.

Adding to the strangenesss is this is a "mini-mustache cup", having a small, circular opening on the cup lip. It's just visible at the twelve-o'clock position of the rim in the photo below right.

ohme B45 cup referenceohme B45 cup and saucerohme B45 cup and saucer marksohme B45 saucer

Bamboo handle cup

This cup has an ornate bamboo handle.

ohme bamboo handle cup and saucerohme bamboo handle cup and saucer marks

Panier cup?

A beautiful demitasse cup and saucer.

I believe this is in the Panier mold, with its "rice grain" embossments.

ohme panier(?) cup and saucerohme panier (?) cup and saucer 2ohme panier (?) cup and saucer marksohme panier (?) saucer mark

Printemps II pattern

This cup and saucer is painted in what Ohme identifies as the "Printemps II" pattern.

A good example of the imaginative color combinations found in many Ohme decorations.

ohme Printempts II pattern cup and saucerohme Printempts II saucer mark