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What a Show!

June 16, 2019 by Jeffrey S. Habib, SOIOP member

Why we come to the Convention

Ewer Surprised? I Was Surprised Too!

The 2019 SOIOP convention was a lot of fun. One convention event that I especially look forward to is "Show and Tell", where members show us their new finds and discoveries.

Show and Tell this year had SOIOP member Brian unveil a wonderful Ohme ewer:

Ornate Ohme ewer
Ewer Ohme mark

Brian discovered the ewer in a case at an antique mall. He had the case opened, turned over the ewer, and was amazed to discover the Ohme mark. I'm surprised he didn't drop it right then and there!

A ewer is defined by Wiktionary as "a kind of widemouthed pitcher or jug with a shape like a vase and a handle". Do an online search for "ewer" and you'll find many variations in size and design.

Brian's ewer is a beautiful example of ornate Art Noveau design (and note it was decorated 120 years ago). The vase portion is symmetric and has good proportions. The "double sided" mouth is unusual in that one side extends towards the handle. And the handle defines "ornate".

When I first saw this at the Convention, my initial reaction was -- an RS Prussia-style ewer. But comparing Brian's to other RH Prussia ewers, I say no, this is definitely an Ohme ewer!